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In a game

[community profile] milliways_bar
Aradia Megido | Homestuck | [personal profile] death_fangirl
(God Tier Aradia, mostly.)

Dr Cameo 'Scary Teeth' Thurlow | Fallen London/Echo Bazaar | [personal profile] doctorscaryteeth
(Player character OC, seems to have taken over my brain slightly.)
Also found in [community profile] deliciousfriends

Fandom characters wandering around loose:

(They'll probably crop up in [community profile] mixed_muses, [community profile] panfandomsandbox, and perhaps [community profile] daemonmuses and [community profile] dear_mun)

A Lone Wanderer I haven't used in forever but went to the trouble of rescuing from LJ:
Joanne Bryant | Fallout 3 | [personal profile] thekidfrom101

Muse that didn't work out, but might come back with the right prompt or sufficient prodding:
No Name McGee the zombie | Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name | [personal profile] beganwitha_d

Muse turned up on my doorstep, then I opened an account and didn't do anything with it, still under construction:
Jack Skellington | The Nightmare Before Christmas | [personal profile] thepumpkinking

Original characters what have shown up in my sandboxy stomping grounds more than once:

(I have a lot more, I limited it to the ones who you're actually likely to see. None of them have a DW game aside from the aforementioned sandboxes but they're from an IRC RP so they may or may not count as homeless.)

Homestuck fantroll raised by humans and that's one of the less ridiculous things about her:
Clone Joss Page | CM:TNG universe | [personal profile] trollscience

Not Jack the Ripper:
Gareth Tennenbaum, the original | CM:TNG universe | [personal profile] sorts_cheese

Hates being called Gary:
Clone Gareth Tennenbaum | CM:TNG universe | [personal profile] clonecalledgary

Made of spikes and giggles and psychological problems:
Tamsyn Kite | CM:TNG universe | [personal profile] frankenspikey
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Once again I have found myself needing to make my own icons of a PB in order to get anywhere. These are from a YouTube video, which I am led to believe is a clip from Ghostwood. I capped it myself.

Icons hither )
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Specifically, 85 of them.

Icons this way )
cameoflage: *puts on WTF boots* *and WTF parka* *boards WTF plane* *travels to WTFistan* *rides WTF donkey to Mt. WTF* (Mt. WTF)
Okay, so it's not a kabillion. Just 121. Well, 108 and 13 fake-Neils.

You know you want 'em )
cameoflage: Ozymandias from Watchmen, as a chibi, singing "Never Gonna Give You Up". Bubastis is there too. (Ozymandias rickroll)
I don't feel like typing out a lot of nonsense just to test my theme so here's a block of lorem ipsum.

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cameoflage: Drawing of the TF2 Red Scout throwing his arms up, captioned with "PAY ATTENTION TO ME". (Default)

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